MAKE SPACE - 11.17.2023 - Miami, Florida

Make Space was a projuct conducted for LA radio station DubLab’s 20th anniversary. It was originally unveiled in Miami during Alcova during Miami Design Week.

Each premium record is shipped in a flatpack cardboard container that folds out to become a functional chair. All of the galaxy images featured on the chairs are unique one-offs.

These one-off images were generated with a GAN AI system. An original video was created which showed the formation of fictional galaxies over millions of years. Frames from this video became that artworks used for both the flatpack chair and the album cover.

Select video frames were used to create the album cover. Unfolded, this artwork is a massive size, 8 feet in length. The artwork folds down to become the functioning album cover containing the vinyl disk.

The exhibited version of this premium package contains a working resin vinyl record containing slices of meteorite that landed in Kansas over 50 years ago.

The totality of Make Space (flatpack chair, folded album cover and record) allows the owner to create their own impromtu listening space at home.


Client - Dublab
Design Collaborators - Daniel Perlin, Kamran Valanejad, Marijke Jorritsma

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